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I’m all about story and how we imagine reality in a new way. The ways that a story changes us.

Stories. I write stories. I read them. Fictional stories. Stories about life. Non-fiction that makes you think about the story you tell yourself about how life works and what is possible.

Stories change us.

Telling a story is an act of deciding what matters.

Sharing a story is one of the most intimate things humans do.

Listening to, watching, or reading a story creates a new pathway inside the person who receives a story.

Because people ask. Mercy Bringer isn’t my birth name. But it’s a good one that emerged from this story.

How does the story you tell change you?


As tech and AI become more human, who do we become?

Divide by Zero book

For you, thank you for imagining a story that might change you.

Divide by Zero The first book. Coda Quadrilogy. Mercy Bringer.

In editing and agent discussions.

A contemporary saga that is part page-turner thriller, part techno-magic realism, and all about Talia King who discovers a way to access her future self that might get her killed right here and now.

You can’t change who you become without changing who you are now.

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